Fastfood Doner Robots

• Hygienic and untouched cutting.
• 24-hour operation.
• Ability to cut döner in a precise and continuous manner along with any thickness.
• Remote control.
• Reducing operational costs.
• Prestigious for business.
• Adjustable pressure on meat for cutting.
• Detachable meat chopping knife.
• Wide cutting capability.
• Automatic knife-sharpening motor.
• Doner skewer bearing mechanism to avoid any damage to motor.
• Emergency stop button for safety.
• Doner cooker going back and forth and adjustable angles.
• Adjustable wings to easily clean any doner cooker.
• Heater to keep meat warm.
• Long-term radiant and wires.
• Safety valve taps.
• Low-energy consumption.


Cooker Monitoring - Heat Sensor - Digital Screen
 100 kg130 kg150 kg250kg350 kg
Number of Radiants4 LPG/LNG5 LPG/LNG5/V10 LPG/LNG5/7/V14 LPG/LNG5/7/V14 LPG/LNG
Max. Doner Diameter50 cm50 cm50 cm52 cm60 cm
Max. Doner Height65 cm80 cm80 cm110 cm120 cm
Dimensions (WxDxH)85x105x111 cm85x105x123 cm99x116x132 cm99x116x178 cm106x111x180 cm