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IDM Mekatronik San. Ltd. Şti. has developed its machining experience of over 30 years with CNC machine tools and technological investments, and has succeeded to become a leading mechatronics design and application company in its sector as a result of its experienced and specialized staff support and R&D studies for years. 

IDM has established efficient solution partnerships with Turkey’s leading valued customers who owned advanced process meat production facilities..

Why Doner Ro bot?

  • Quality standard cutting that does not require mastery
  • Investment recycling in 3-6 months
  • Energy and qualified personnel savings
  • Hygienic and Professional company image
  • It increases your service speed and quality
  • It provides wastage and energy saving.
  • Ability to work 7-24

Why IDM?

Years of Proven Durability

The doner robots we have developed as IDM Mekatronik have been used in 5 continents and countless countries for years and increasingly spread to all over the world.

Wide Service Network

The most speedy service opportunity not only in Turkey but all over the world

Temperature Sensor and Intelligent Cooking Technology

Thanks to the temperature sensor, uncooked and burned parts cutting are prevented.

Wi-Fi Controlled Reporting and Support

Software updating and technical supports through internet connection through Wi-Fi.

Surface Tracking Technology with Sensor

Whatever the shape of the doner is provides cutting without wastage by means of the surface tacking feature.

Automatic Cooker Tracking System

Efficient cooking and gas saving thanks to the gas control system.

Our Happy Customers

What did those who choose us say?


As a family, we thank you for the careful and professional work you have shown during your support of industrial doner cutting robot and equipment after installation..

Customer Satisfaction

We would like to thank your IDM Mekatronik team for your attention, sensitivity, and most importantly, your trustworthy approach and help, by making the right directions, guiding us from the first day we shared our idea with you in the course of our design stage of our cooked doner cutting and production line.

Reliable Service

Thanks to the appreciation we received at the end of our projects, we are grateful to all of our customers who have carried us to these days. It makes us honor to see your satisfaction at the end of the carried out works.

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