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250kg Doner Robot

Max. doner kebab size: 52cm x 110 cm
Package size: 120x120x200 cm
Opsiyonel Özellikler
Genel Özellikler

• Hygienic and untouched cutting ability.
• 24-hour working feature.
• Ability to make precise and continuous doner cutting at the desired thickness.
• Possibility to control remotely by means of remote control.
• Adjustable printing feature on the meat during cutting.
• Detachable meat cutting knife.
• Wide cutting opportunity.
• Doner kebab rotisserie bearing mechanism to prevent damage to the motor.
• Emergency stop button for safety.
• Doner grill can move back and forth and its angle is adjustable.
• Adjustable wings that allow easy cleaning of doner cooker.
• The heater for keeping the temperature of the cut meat.
• Long life radian and wires.
• Safety valve taps.
• Low energy consumption.
• Pit Tracking Feature
• Temperature sensor

Doner Kebab Robot
Robot size (WxDxH):106x110x194 cm
Daily cutting capacity:250 KG
Power Consumption
Voltage:110-220v AC
Current: 12A-6A
Power: 1300W
Working Limits
Doner Kebab Diameter: 52 cm
Doner Kebab Height: 110 cm
Cutting thickness (mm):0,25 mm- 10 mm
Doner kebab Cutting Types (Maximum Inclination): Straight Conical 5 °
Standard Table
Table (WxDxH): 106x84x55 cm
Gas Burner
Number of Radians - Model: V14-2R07
Burner power: 35 kW
Rated pressure (Pn):20mbar
kW- LPG:2,24m³/h
kW- NG: 3,70 m³/h
Injector:1,45 mm
NG:0,8 mm
Furnace dimensions (WxDxH): 70x39x121 cm
Electric Burner
Number of Resistors - Model: RZ – 10
Voltage: 220- 380V AC
Power: 15,5 kW
Number of phases: 3
Current: 68 A – 40A
Plug current capacity: 3P + N + T 32A
Furnace dimensions (WxDxH):47x21x125 cm
Flat Doner Kebab Mold
Mold dimensions(WxDxH): 69,7x120,4x160 cm (By car)
Doner diameter and height:52 cm x 110 cm
Shaft / Tube: 20x20 mm
Bottom disc and shaft set: Compatible with robot
Trolley: +
Top cover: -
Equipment Technical Data Sheet
Bottom plate 1: 4 mm – 50 cm
Bottom plate 2: 4 mm – 35 cm
Bottom plate 3: 4 mm – 25 cm
Bottom plate 4: -
Bottom plate 5: -
Bottom plate 6 (Shaft welded flange): 18 cm
Shaft size:20x20 mm
Shaft length: 134,5 cm
Tube length: -
Flange height: 6 cm
Lifte support: +
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