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550kg New Generation Doner Robot

Max. doner kebab size: 80cm x 120 cm
Opsiyonel Özellikler
Genel Özellikler

Hygienic and untouched cutting.
24-hour working feature.
Standardization in production
Ability to make precise and continuous doner cutting in the desired thickness.
Design suitable for conveyor belt transfer.
Possibility to control it remotely thanks to the remote.
Detachable meat cutting knife.
Wide cut possibility.
Doner kebab rotisserie bearing mechanism to prevent motor damage.
Emergency stop button for safety.
Automatic, doner follow-up feature of the oven.
Adjustable wings that allow easy cleaning of doner cooker.
Long-lasting radian and wires.
Safety valve taps.
Low energy consumption.
Return of the investment in a short time.

Doner Kebab Robot
Robot size (WxDxH): 152x130x213cm
Daily cutting capacity: 550 KG
Power Consumption
Voltage:110-220v AC
Current: 18A-9A
Power: 2000W
Working Limits
Doner Kebab Diameter: 80 cm
Doner Kebab Height:120 cm
Cutting thickness (mm): 0,25 mm- 10 mm
Doner kebab Cutting Types (Maximum Inclination): Straight Conical 5 °
Standard Table
Table (WxDxH): 98x92x27cm
Gas Burner
Number of Radians - Model: 3R-10
Burner power: 60 kW
Rated pressure (Pn): 60mbar
kW- LPG: -
kW- NG: 6,43 m³/h
Injector (NG): 0,8 mm
Injector (LPG): 1,1 mm
Furnace dimensions (WxDxH): 91x53x134cm
Flat Doner Kebab Mold
Mold dimensions: 91x100x175cm (By car)
Doner diameter and height: 80cm x 120cm
Shaft / Tube: 20x20 mm
Bottom disc and shaft set: Compatible with robot
Trolley: +
Top cover: +
Equipment Technical Data Sheet
Bottom plate 1: 4 mm – 79cm
Bottom plate 2: 4 mm – 65 cm
Bottom plate 3: 4 mm – 51 cm
Bottom plate 4: 4 mm – 41 cm
Bottom plate 5: 4 mm – 31 cm
Bottom plate 6 (Shaft welded flange): 16 cm
Shaft size: 20x20 mm
Shaft length: 148,1 cm
Tube length: 123,2 cm
Flange height: 12,3 cm
Lifte support: +
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